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iridium peach is only a new website design business. Its founder Bert Ernie has developed a great deal of experience since 2008 when he hand-coded his first website for his art portfolio. Since 2010 he has used WordPress for his websites.

There are only two websites in the portfolio but they represent quite a signifigant amount of work due to their size; they both have over a hundred pages. They both are beautifully designed, have fast page-load speeds and are equally amazing across all device sizes from an XXL desktop display down to a mobile phone.

Bert Ernie artist website

Bert Ernie website | Portfolio
Bert Ernie website | Portfolio

This is an example of an enormous portfolio website for Australian artist Bert Ernie. It has a structure which divides the many artistic styles into seperate areas for visitors to explore. The entire site is populated with many enormous high-quality images that are fast loading due to the use of the next-gen webp format.

The challenges for this website were complex and iridium peach managed to provide an amazing portfolio website.

If you would like to see the artwork of iridium peach’s founder then click on the button below.

wild peach clothing website

wild peach clothing | Portfolio
wild peach clothing | Portfolio

WooCommerce sites are very complex and take a lot of time to set up just right. There’s a lot of time in setting up complex payment systems, you then have to structure the products into the correct categories and allow for cross-discoverability with a tag system. And that’s just the beginning!

This site delivers a great online shopping experience for those who want to but wild colorful clothes.

If you would like to see the clothing website of iridium peach’s founder then click on the button below.