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The challenge with creating an artists portfolio website is the compromise between two competing factors – showing the artwork in as much detail as possible and not having a slow website. All artists will want to show off their high resolution, high quality images for all the world to see – it’s a compromise which must be met by the website developer.

Often the image sizes of a painting will be up to 6000px and with no compression. Which means 10Mb file sizes. With a more reasonable file size of 1920px an using a next-gen image format (webp) iridium peach were able to get many of these images down to 200Kb.

The second most important requirement was that those large images had to take up as much of the screen real-estate, whether they were were wide or tall and doing so across all screen sizes. This took some figuring out!

Then comes the rest of the website design. Everything is centered around the idea of showing the paintings and telling the story of what they mean and how they came about. Iridium peach created several page templates so that each time a new painting was added it would look the same as everything else on the website.

Navigation on the website was also configured for the artists needs. Many paintings were linked by theme, so we used a tag system, which was at the end of every paintings page.

This artist also wanted a way of listing artwork for sale and those that had been sold so we created pages for these.

In all there are several hundred pages across Bert’s artsist portfolio and it invites people to explore his amazing artwork easily.

Painting page | Artist portfolio website
Painting page | Artist portfolio website

The most important part is that Mr Ernie has a fantastic opportunity to display his artwork in a manner befitting such high quality work.

Artist portfolio website | Responsive across all devices
Artist portfolio website | Responsive across all devices

Go check it out to see how it looks.