ABOUT iridium peach

Creative. Professional. Modern.

iridium peach is a new website design business based in Melbourne. iridium peach was created to provide opportunities for small business, organisations and individuals to have a cutting-edge website that is beautifully designed, meets the highest levels of external alaysis and is delivered to clients in a matter of weeks.

This is made possible by the incredible power of WordPress and its recent evolution into a tool that can meet, and in many cases, surpass anything that was hand coded by web developerment companies who charge an arm and a leg for a great website.

What took place in 2022 was quite an eye-opener. The WordPress platform started to use a new system – Full Site Editing using blocks. Gone were the days of great-looking websites that had one big disadvantage; page load speed.

That was what a fully-coded website always had over a WordPress website – minimal code bloat. Which meant the page loaded really fast. WordPress could deliver a great looking site but to create a great looking page it relied upon third-party (and costly) themes and plugins. And those premium add-ins carried lots of code.

But now in 2023 it’s a whole new ball game

By using the basic tools that come with WordPress and a few free plugins iridium peach can deliver a great looking website that performs. We have a toolset that allows us to meet 99% of anything a client could ask for in a website. Not only that but iridium peach can help with graphic design, marketing and search engine optimisation.

At iridium peach we can offer the full package of digital design services that are centered around the development and maintenance of our clients websites. We will work with you to develop your brand identity and get it out there in the world. iridium peach is focused on delivering tangible outcomes for your business, organisation or an individual.

Iridium peach | website design
iridium peach | website design
iridium peach logo

THE iridium peach BRAND

Let’s get the lack of the capitalisation out of the way. iridium peach is designed to be used as only lower case. It’s a way of saying that it doesn’t require that emphasis to mark it as something special and it breaks conventional grammar rules by doing so.

iridium peach has three important values. They are

  • Creative but not flashy
  • Professionalism is king
  • Modern where applicable

Now onto the words. iridium and peach. Why were they chosen? What’s the meaning?

Ok. Firstly iridium is a chemical element. It’s a metal which is known for its hardness, density and corrosion resistantance. In its natural form it’s a beautiful silver-white.

A peach on the other hand is a soft fruit that has a beautiful flavor.

So two seemingly opposite things were brought together. We believe that the best creativity and art comes about when two opposites compete and are forced to coexist in the final composition.

As for the logo itself. It represents the two seemingly opposites. A peach shape. Made hard and shiny like metal. But with a grid of colors.