The abstract paintings of a complete and utter lunatic


Bert Ernie is an Australian artist who creates some of the most beautiful, colorful and intricate abstract paintings in contemporary art. The form of the totally abstract artworks is usually acrylic paint on board, but he also uses sophisticated digital techniques to create beautiful digital abstract works of art as well.The paintings often have a story attached to them which is quite outlandish – stories of exploring alien worlds, dancing with teddy-bears, fighting, parties – this humorous approach adds to the whimsical and beautiful art. There are also some serious subjects being tackled – death, war, and intense human emotions and failings. And for those that might find this all bit too much, there are some beautiful landscapes in there as well.This book is a look at some of the most beautiful abstract art being produced by a complete and utter lunatic today.

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Bert Ernie

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