Standard components

The standard components that make up a webpage are quite familiar to most people. iridium peach can provide all of these:
  • Headings
  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Buttons
  • Info boxes
  • Tables
  • Icons
  • Accordian expansion boxes
  • Tables of content
  • Slider and carousels
  • Tabbed sections
  • Progress bars
  • Content togglers
  • Popups
  • Social share widgets
What we have gathered below are some website components that comprise other sub-components to provide for a web page that not only looks good but delivers your message clearly.

Many of these features have micro-animations to capture the focus of the viewer. They are to direct the reading of the page. These are lightweight bits of code and make for a contemporary web design.

What we have below is just a small sample, some basic components for you to consider as the basis of what you would like to have to tell the world about your small business, organisation or as part of a personal portfolio website.
Design process components

Info block

An info block is a section on a website that displays information about a particular topic. It is often used to present information in a clear and concise manner, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are three typical uses for info blocks on a website:

  1. Providing information about a product or service: Info blocks are often used to present information about a product or service in a clear and organized manner. This might include details about the features, benefits, and pricing of the product or service, as well as images and other media.
  2. Presenting company or organization information: Info blocks can be used to present information about a company or organization, such as its mission, values, history, and contact information.
  3. Displaying news or updates: Info blocks can be used to present news or updates about a particular topic or industry. This might include articles, press releases, or other types of content that are relevant to the website’s audience.

This particular info block is shown with three blocks each of which has a subtle colorful shadow as well as a zoom animation on first view. The heading uses an image mask of some colored squares.

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Pricing table

A pricing table is a type of table that is used to display the different pricing options for a product or service on a website. It typically includes information about the features and benefits of each pricing tier, as well as the associated cost. Here are three typical uses for pricing tables on a website:

  1. Displaying subscription plans: Many websites that offer subscription-based products or services will use pricing tables to display the different subscription plans that are available. This might include information about the duration of the subscription, the features included, and the cost.
  2. Comparing different products or services: Pricing tables can be used to compare different products or services in terms of their features, benefits, and costs. This can help customers make informed decisions when choosing which product or service is right for them.
  3. Upselling products or services: Some websites will use pricing tables to highlight the benefits of upgrading to a more expensive product or service. By comparing the features and costs of different options, the website can encourage customers to upgrade to a more expensive option.

This particular pricing table is shown with three blocks each of which has a zoom animation on first view.

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A testimonial is a type of review or endorsement that is given by a customer or client about a product or service that they have used. Testimonials are often featured on a website in order to provide social proof and build trust with potential customers.

The best use for testimonials on a website is to highlight the positive experiences of real customers with the product or service. Testimonials can be particularly effective when they include specific details about how the product or service has benefited the customer, and when they are presented in a sincere and authentic manner. By featuring testimonials on a website, businesses can demonstrate the value and effectiveness of their products or services, and help potential customers feel more confident about making a purchase.

This particular testimonial uses a subtle gradient background and for the text boxes. As with everything we do it is fully responsive and super fast to load.

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Info boxes with line shape

This is a different style of info box. It has a two column design and a subtle line shape that spans the entire box. It also has an animated text heading. In addition the info boxes have a subtle shadow which appears when the user hovers over them.

All of these standard components are able to be used in every website we design. There’s a revolution happening with web design – it’s WordPress powered websites that use block themes with full site editing.

Why we are
more affordablebetter than the restfaster to deliver
More affordableWe don’t charge an arm and a leg. We have harnessed the power of WordPress to create amazing websites that will suit almost any small businesses, organisation or persons needs.
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Better than the restNot only do our websites get turned into reality quickly, they perform very well in terms of page-loading speed and on-page search engine optimisation.

Glass effect info area

This is a great example of what iridium peach can offer in terms of beautiful design. It’s simple and fulfills the needs for our customers websites to have a contemporary look with maximum performance. Most of the smaller elements animate on first view.

Maximum possible perfomance
We completely overthink how assets are working in wordpress
and added unique system for asset loading
Only 2kb required

This is not a joke. Theme uses only 2kb required assets, all other are generated on fly accordingly to blocks on page

No dependencies

No jquery, no font, no icon libraries. Everything is custom made to have best perfomance.

Smart loaders

For special blocks, like Lottie, theme has special interaction loaders, so it doesn’t affect speed of page


First Contentful Paint
0.3 s
Speed Index
1.2 s
Largest Contentful Paint
1.2 s

You don’t need to worry about theme assets to make them optimized. Theme has optimized assets as much as possible. We also provided special Greenshift plugin, use it instead wordpress core blocks if you want to have maximum perfomance

Speed grade
Speed grade
Speed grade

Ticked list

Even something as simple as a ticked list has to be beautiful, responsive to all devices from a mobile phone to a XXL desktop display and blazingly fast. And as you will see here it can be given a fast on-view animation.

Product, Review, Listing, How To, Event, FAQ, Video schemas
Comparison Table builder
Link parser, Link Hidder for Offer blocks and listings
Special mobile layouts for all blocks and statistic extension

3D flipbox

Thanks to the power of the Greenshift page-builder plugin that we use all kinds of animations can be created. From subtle to wild. The flipbox you see is triggered on hover by the user. It’s a great way of getting attention and then offering a prompt for the user.

Iridium peach 2023 100px
Use any blocks inside flipboxBuild complex layouts easily

What are you waiting for?

circle presentations

Multi column designs combined with subtle element offsets allow for an appearance that doesn’t have that grid like feel. Even though it uses a grid and is fully responsive.


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Big info block

The use of space to allow a web page to ‘breathe’ is important to iridium peach. Here’s a great example of this.



No need for custom coding A well thought out WordPress website which uses the new Full Site Editing system with block design will most probably outperform (page speed) a custom coded website. Gone are the days of spending a fortune to get something that is on the cutting edge of website design.
Easy to CustomiseThe reason we can offer such amazing websites is that it is easy for us to customise a website to suit your business, organisation or for a personal website.
Made with LoveWith an artist as it’s founder iridium peach takes a great deal of care in crafting a beautifully designed website that looks good on any device and loads super fast.
Components standard items

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