The starting point for any successful web development for a small business is the definition of the goals and objectives. This requires an interview with a representative from the business who can brief us on key aspects of your business. There are four essential parts to defining the project.

We like to start with two or three specific, measurable goals that the web development shall achieve. Clear goals allow us to focus on what will provide the most impact and move your business forward into an ever-increasing need for all businesses to have a well-developed web presence.
Every small business has an excellent idea of who their customers are, and you can help us understand your audience for any web development. You can inform us of your typical customer’s demographic, so we can optimise your web presence to target their interests better and make the user experience from your customer’s perspective as informative and satisfying as possible.
Every small business has a message that defines what they offer to their customers and differentiates them from their competitors. We will work with you to develop this essential part of your web presence.
We will analyze your competitor’s online presence. Particular focus will be on their visual branding, messaging, user experiences, calls to action, and key differentiators. This is so we can make your business stand out from your competition – which leads to increased success for your business.

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