Graphic design service

iridium peach offers 2D + 3D designs


Cutting edge digital graphic design in 2022 encompasses two and three-dimensional elements.

two dimensional design

iridium peach can provide amazing two-dimensional digital artwork which may be vector or raster based, or more typically utilising both. The outcome is always hi-reolution, simple and elegant art that is suitable for print or web. I utilize the Adobe suite of products to achieve stunning results.

three dimensional design

I can also create three-dimensional digital artwork which might be as simple as a letter-form logo or a basic three-dimensional logo. I utilize a variety of extremely capable modelling and rendering software packages to give your company an outstanding result. See our logo for an example. Overall time from concept to modeling to rendering final image and video. 3 hours.

iridium peach graphic design services are charged at $85 per hour. Quoting for any work is free.

An example of our capabilities. This is an old project. The clothes the digital model wears were real actual designs that matched real-world offerings. The abstract background, the man-dancing-for-joy, the digital model catwalk strut, the video compositing were all done by iridium peach.

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