Design service

iridium peach offers a range of digital solutions

Graphic design

iridium peach graphic design services are for those that want to take their branding to the next level. We offer a wide variety of capabilities; from a simple logo design to 3D digital models dancing.

WordPress powered websites

If you have a need for a small business website then the best solution is a wordpress powered site. They can be made blazingly fast, offer just about any feature you could want and are reasonably accesible for the non-technically inclined to make minor alterations to.

Book publishing

We publish books for those that just want to be able to get the printed word and/or epub (or images) out there without the hassle of dealing with the two big players in Print On Demand; KDP (Amazon) or Ingram Spark.

This video is super lightweight at 244kb.
Overall time from concept to modeling to rendering final video. 3 hours.