iridium peach is a book publishing business whose primary purpose (for the moment) is to publish the work of Australian artist, and author Bert Ernie.

I am a complete and utter lunatic. I am an Australian artist who creates some of the most complex, colorful, and intricate abstract expressionist paintings in contemporary art.

The themes I cover are wild – alien worlds, dancing, fighting, parties, music, as well as more serious subjects like landscapes and human emotions. Regardless, the art is always visually beautiful.

I am a self taught artist who has painted many photorealist paintings as well as tackling the opposite side of the art spectrum – with my totally abstract expressionist artwork. This book deals with my wild imaginative abstract artworks which are sure to provide both a good chuckle and extremely colorful eye candy.

The name iridium peach is a metaphor. Iridium is a chemical element – a shiny metal, and a very hard, brittle one at that. Peaches are a beautiful fruit. The metaphor is that of something that on first appearance it appears to be a delectable, tasty fruit, but it really is a hard ‘elemental’ truth underneath. This serves as one of the main ideas behind everything artistic that Bert does. The art appears to be something beautiful and inviting, but once someone digs deeper, a real hard elemental truth is revealed.

Please note the correct use of iridium peach is all lowercase. I do understand English grammar.

Bert Ernie - CEO of iridium peach