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iridium peach is a one-man band digital design service. That man’s name is Bert Ernie.

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The name iridium peach is a metaphor. Iridium is a chemical element – a shiny metal, and a very hard, brittle one at that. Peaches are a beautiful fruit. The metaphor is that of something that on first appearance it appears to be a delectable, tasty fruit, but it really is a hard ‘elemental’ truth underneath. This serves as one of the main ideas behind everything artistic that I do. The art appears to be something beautiful and inviting, but once someone digs deeper, a real hard elemental truth is revealed.

This applies to everything I do. Wether it be a painting (, clothes ( or iridium peach. I am an absolute perfectionist and I can offer a suite of digital design services that can take your small business to the next level.

Please note the correct use of iridium peach is all lowercase; I do understand english grammar.

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Siemens plm 6586