The name iridium peach is a metaphor. Iridium is a chemical element – a shiny metal, and a very hard, brittle one at that. Peaches are a beautiful fruit. The metaphor is that of something that on first appearance it appears to be a delectable, tasty fruit, but it really is a hard ‘elemental’ truth underneath. This serves as one of the main ideas behind everything artistic that Bert does. The art appears to be something beautiful and inviting, but once someone digs deeper, a real hard elemental truth is revealed.

Iridium peach fruit 600px
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Bert Ernie - CEO of iridium peach
Bert Ernie
CEO and by CEO it means - the guy who does all the work (chief executive officer).
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.
Twenty years of experience as a fine artist.
Website design (using WordPress).
Mechanical draftsman